SRBA's approach to representing a property relies on taking the perspective of an owner throughout the asset management, marketing, and transactional process to satisfy the most important objectives of the stakeholders, which include:

  • Maximizing Value

  • Effective Communication and Reporting

  • Meeting Internal and External Requirements of the Property in the Transition Process

  • Creating Efficiencies

  • Certainty of Execution

  • Operating within the Confines of Court Orders and Governmental Statutes

    Through SRBA's real estate services and specialty practice area of Properties-in-Transition (federal and state), we take the lead in educating existing tenants, service providers, and leasing or investment prospects, not only about the opportunities that an individual property offers, but also how to navigate the transaction through transition, due diligence, and the unique process that accompanies assets in any stage of distress or workout as well as market deals.

Services Coverage Map

Comprehensive Services

SRBA provides the following comprehensive array of services to a wide spectrum of owners and lenders, including, but not limited to:

  • Life Insurance Companies

  • Family Offices

  • Crowdfunding

  • Banks (National, Regional, and Local)

  • Mezzanine Lenders and CMBS/CDO (Special Master Primary) Servicers

  • Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD

  • Private Equity

Asset and Property Management

Our asset and property management integrates hands-on, active participation in the acquisition process (including effective marketing and advertising), aggressive property management (including oversight and direction of the on-site property operations and the management team), devising and implementing an optimal investment strategy, and developing and implementing the property strategic plan with leasing and repositioning strategies. 

Investment Services

Key services provided include:

  • Acquisition Services

  • Disposition Services

  • Valuation Analysis and Financial Modeling (BOVs and BPOs)

  • Capital Markets Advisory

  • 1031 Exchanges and Tenancy in Common (TIC) Analysis

  • Property Due Diligence

  • Development/Redevelopment

  • Construction Management


Corporate Services and Leasing

With DSRBA's unique ability to approach assignments, our leasing and corporate services professionals understand the components of value that transcend the transaction itself and which must be tailored to each situation. We offer a full cadre of resources that seamlessly complement an organization's needs, including tenant and landlord representation, site selection, lease audits, and more. DSRBA's customized landlord representation programs are designed around the understanding that proper leasing is perhaps the single most significant driver of property value.

Advisory and Consulting Services

The process of financing, developing, constructing, or managing commercial real estate is a fluid and ever-changing environment that is increasing in complexity, requiring specialized knowledge and a diverse set of skills. DSRBA will utilize our hands-on experience to develop a strategic plan for your investment which we use to accurately observe, assess, and provide real estate recommendations based upon the dynamics of the overall market, the microeconomics of specific markets, the property condition, the commercial real estate capital markets, and the unique requirements of our clients.

Transformation of Projects

DSRBA's specialty practice area, Transformation of Projects Services, was created to assist banks, mezzanine lenders, creditors, loan servicers (primary, master, and special), borrowers, owners, controlling class bondholders, bankruptcy trustees, family offices, private equity, Fannie Mae, FDIC, municipalities, and courts in maintaining and creating value through the application of its service disciplines, with their real estate.

Our professionals are committed to providing comprehensive interim management solutions for various distressed situations, including nonperforming, underperforming, and distressed loans; court-appointed receiverships; deeds-in-lieu; foreclosures; and real estate-owned (REO) investments. 

Given the potential cash-advancing mechanism inherent in banks, as well as CMBS and CDO projects, we are mindful that "time is money." Therefore, there is a strong need to complete transactions in a timely and efficient manner. DSRBA professionals have decades of experience in this area and the county, state, and federal court systems and understand the complexities that must be considered before control is transferred to ensure a successful outcome.